Implementing a project management system using Asana

We help build an effective collaboration system for teams, so your company can achieve its goals.


What is Asana?

Workflow Builder

Create automated processes to coordinate work between teams.


Build a beautiful Gantt chart in minutes.


View and track work with Kanban boards.

App Integrations

See how Asana integrates with apps to assist your team.


Get real-time insights into the progress of any work.


Set strategic goals and monitor the process of achieving them in one place.


Optimize processes, reduce errors, and spend less time on routine tasks.


Track the workload of each team member across all projects.


View your team’s work in one shared calendar.


Why Asana?


Increased Employee Satisfaction


Faster Execution


Increased on-time completion of tasks


Reduced time spent on administrative tasks


How Asana Works?

Increase team efficiency
  • Identify bottlenecks and distribute work using Workload
  • Optimize projects with Timeline, Board, and List views
  • Manage teams through messaging, comments, and unique views
Automate processes
  • Systematize input data with Workflow Builder and Forms
  • Reduce manual work with special rules such as task assignments and status updates
  • Automate work in one place with 200+ integrations
Get real-time information
  • Track team progress without manual work
  • Create custom visualizations using custom fields and charts
  • Save time on reporting with a powerful library of diagram templates
Protect confidential data
  • Secure data with two-factor authentication, SSO, and SAML 2.0
  • Maintain compliance with requirements and data governance through data export, data deletion, E2E encryption, on-site backup, and corporate key management (EKM)
Manage access rights and settings
  • Manage access rights, privacy settings, security requirements, etc., from the central administrator panel
  • Use SCIM to easily manage access, granting and restricting rights to users and groups
Set goals and manage configuration processes
  • Configure your organization and encourage responsibility through Goals
  • Track all your team’s projects in one view with Portfolio
  • Easily track the status of key projects

Over 250 integrations

Connect Asana to your organization’s tools using open API and built-in integration.


Asana licenses with additional bonuses

Monthly Payment
Annual Payment


For individuals and small groups who need to manage their tasks


For companies that need to manage a portfolio of work and goals across departments


For individuals and small groups who need to manage their tasks


For companies that need to manage a portfolio of work and goals across departments

Cashback, free course, and technical support from PEEKSSOT.

Step-by-Step Guide

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Implementation Services


Business Process Analysis

We analyze the company’s business processes, study the channels for receiving requests, describe the key stages of sales, and create a map for their optimization.


Business Automation

Our business analysts and technical experts configure sales funnels, access rights, custom fields, reports, documents, and integrate communication channels.


Useful Knowledge

We teach managers and all employees how to work in CRM. We demonstrate system usage examples, answer questions, and provide insights into working with Pipedrive. We conduct knowledge checks.


Additional Services

We connect the Pipedrive portal to existing services, ensuring that information is gathered in one place. We integrate with telephony, messengers, websites, and other systems.


Individual Solutions

We develop custom functionality. If the basic features of Pipedrive are insufficient, our business analysts prepare a technical specification, and the development department brings it to life.


Business Process Analysis

We provide information and technical support for system users, helping them adapt to working with Pipedrive. We answer questions and perform additional configurations.


300+ projects


Kolomiytseva Kristina

Owner, DanceMe

Peekssot’s efforts resulted in an increase in online sales. The team ensured a smooth and successful implementation of the CRM system and managed the project efficiently and professionally. They were organized, attentive to detail, and reliable. Their level of care was outstanding….


Oleg Salnikov

Commercial director of INTTEKS

The company acquired optimized business processes, thanks to the efforts of Peekssot. The team strictly adhered to timelines and deliverables, and internal stakeholders were impressed with the service provider’s professionalism and service-oriented approach….


Dmytro Petronchak

Head of Commercial Department, Brushme

Peekssot always responds promptly to their customers’ requests and implements all tasks as soon as possible. Thanks to Peekssot, the client has notably shortened their sales transaction cycle and reduced the amount of investment in the advertising budget. They’ve also increased the number…


Andriy Rak

Owner of COO, Top lohystik

The feeling of working with professionals was great. The project was divided into several tasks that were successfully implemented. Peekssot was well-organized and responded quickly to all the client’s needs. They were professional and easy to work with….


Polina Lazarieva

Owner of ReisenAP

All answers to our questions were provided on time. Thanks to Peekssot, the company was able to improve the quality of their lead processing, organize client information efficiently, and increase their sales. The team responded promptly to questions and communicated well via virtual meeti…


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Asana help businesses?

It’s a business platform that can make it easier to organize workflows and increase people’s productivity. Your team can manage projects, create tasks, and communicate right in Asana. Reports can help you track progress and set deadlines more accurately.

How does PEEKSSOT implement Asana?

First, we conduct a pre-project survey of your company’s needs, communicating with employees and management. Based on the information we receive, we develop an implementation plan: roles, responsibilities, training schedule. We approve the plan with the customer. We conduct training to cover the basics of using Asana, the platform’s functionality, and best practices for using Asana. We conduct a knowledge test and answer questions.

How much does it cost to implement Asana in PEEKSSOT?

The cost of implementation depends on the number of users, the volume of work, and the needs of your company. For example, the “Asana Basic User Course”, which is conducted online with a PEEKSSOT consultant and consists of three classes with homework, costs 100 USD.

How long does it take to implement Asana?

For example, the Asana Basic User Course, which consists of three online sessions with a PEEKSSOT consultant and homework, takes one week to complete. Depending on the number of users and the complexity of your workflows, Asana implementation time can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Do you provide technical support for Asana?

We actively support Asana users, provide training and integrations with other services. Unlike the standard support provided by the vendor, we provide support through convenient communication channels: phone, messengers, Zoom, Google meet, email.


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