Implementation of Pipedrive

Implementation of Pipedrive CRM for the sales department

We help you set up Pipedrive correctly, train your sales team, provide support, and offer licenses with bonuses.


Pipedrive features and capabilities

Sales management

Manage sales in the funnel. Control the deals. Customize the funnel to fit your sales cycle.

Mail marketing management

Plan create create send and analyze email newsletters. Set up segmentation and automation.

Project Management

Allocate resources, improve communication, plan and monitor tasks to achieve goals.

Lead Management

Collect, categorize and segment the leads you receive, increase the likelihood of purchases. Track ROI.

Indicator management

Customize easy-to-use reports. Collect and analyze the performance of key metrics. Make data-driven decisions.

Customer base management

Collect, store and analyze customer data. Sell to them more and more often, and increase their satisfaction.


How does Pipedrive CRM work?

Sales funnel
  • Model and visualize funnel stages in CRM. Observe the process and analyze the actions of salespeople for each stage.
  • Find problem points and weaknesses during the sales process, discuss them with the sales team, and follow up on corrective actions.
Process Automation
  • Reduce time spent on routine daily tasks and processes, increase efficiency and accuracy.
  • Accelerate customer data processing, personalize customer communication, and assign tasks automatically.
Sales control
  • Control the speed and quality of requests processing by salespeople. Monitor their activity: number of calls, emails, meetings.
  • Standardize the processes of interaction with customers. Keep the focus on the sales plan, thanks to the planning and reminder system.
Client base
  • Collect and store customer history. Capture requests, provide personalized offers.
  • Customize convenient data display, add custom fields. Enrich transaction and contact cards automatically.
Role allocation
  • Manage rights in CRM, create roles and grant access according to your policies. Comply with legislation.
  • Reduce the threat of losing your customer base. Give access to information only to those who really need it.
Customer communication
  • Respond quickly, communicate in the communication channel convenient for customers: phone, messenger, mail, social networks.
  • Collect a history of conversations, correspondence and notes on each transaction, ensure long-term relationships and repeat sales.

Over 350 integrations with Pipedrive CRM

Help expand the capabilities of Pipedrive CRM through applications and integrations


Pipedrive rates
with additional bonuses

Monthly Payment
Annual Payment


Streamline your sales, set up a simple funnel in your CRM


per user per month


Make only the right decisions with reports

per user per month


Manage access to your customer base more flexibly

per user per month


Streamline your sales, set up a simple funnel in your CRM


per user per month


Make only the right decisions with reports


per user per month


Manage access to your customer base more flexibly


per user per month


Benefits of registering Pipedrive with Peekssot


Registration in Pipedrive

Registration with Peekssot

Demo account

14 days

30 days

Introductory session

Ukrainian language support

Support in messengers

Support by phone

Pipedrive demo

Pipedrive demo registration

  1. 30-day trial period instead of 14-day trial period
  2. Free training session from PEEKSSOT (we will invite you to the registration e-mail address)
  3. Technical support from PEEKSSOT for the duration of the plan.
register a demo account

Pipedrive Implementation Services


Business Process Analysis

We analyze the company’s business processes, examine lead acquisition channels, the system of their processing, describe key sales stages, and map their optimization.


Business Automation

Our business analysts and technical experts configure sales funnels, access rights, custom fields, reports, documents, and connect communication channels.


Useful knowledge

We train managers and sales team. We show examples of CRM usage. We hold a question and answer session and do a knowledge test.


Information and technical support

Prompt support: troubleshooting and answering questions. We use convenient communication channels: phone, messengers, e-mail.


Customizing Pipedrive CRM

/01 setting phase

Based on interviews and survey of your company’s sales process, we will create a concept of CRM customization. We will plan a convenient schedule of events, provide for possible inconveniences.

/02 setting phase

Customize account, access rights, CRM entities, custom fields and funnels. Integrate website, telephony, messengers, SMS and e-mail. We will conduct training for the manager and sales team.

/03 setting phase

Find frequently repeated, routine processes and automate them. Set up analytics. We’ll hold question and answer sessions. We will conduct regular audits and provide support.

Stages of Implementation








Training for the leader




Pre-project assessment



Preparatory stage


System configuration


Employee training



Post-project support


Technical support

Step-by-Step Guide

How to implement CRM

With the help of the instruction, you will get an understanding: what are the stages of CRM implementation, what exactly you need to do, and what resources you need to do it.

Work in CRM for the sales team
Sales management in CRM for leaders

Pipedrive CRM Training

  • Sales planning and management in CRM
  • Customer data storage structure
  • Telephony, messengers and e-mail in CRM
  • Automation tools, robots and triggers
  • Reporting and analytics

Pipedrive Audit

For companies already using Pipedrive

Finding growth points in the sales system
Sharing best utilization practices
Improving reporting processes
Eliminating misconfiguration errors

300+ implementation projects


Kolomiytseva Kristina

Owner, DanceMe

Peekssot’s efforts resulted in an increase in online sales. The team ensured a smooth and successful implementation of the CRM system and managed the project efficiently and professionally. They were organized, attentive to detail, and reliable. Their level of care was outstanding….


Oleg Salnikov

Commercial director of INTTEKS

The company acquired optimized business processes, thanks to the efforts of Peekssot. The team strictly adhered to timelines and deliverables, and internal stakeholders were impressed with the service provider’s professionalism and service-oriented approach….


Dmytro Petronchak

Head of Commercial Department, Brushme

Peekssot always responds promptly to their customers’ requests and implements all tasks as soon as possible. Thanks to Peekssot, the client has notably shortened their sales transaction cycle and reduced the amount of investment in the advertising budget. They’ve also increased the number…


Andriy Rak

Owner of COO, Top lohystik

The feeling of working with professionals was great. The project was divided into several tasks that were successfully implemented. Peekssot was well-organized and responded quickly to all the client’s needs. They were professional and easy to work with….


Polina Lazarieva

Owner of ReisenAP

All answers to our questions were provided on time. Thanks to Peekssot, the company was able to improve the quality of their lead processing, organize client information efficiently, and increase their sales. The team responded promptly to questions and communicated well via virtual meeti…


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pipedrive CRM help businesses?

The Pipedrive CRM system allows sellers to manage sales processes in convenient funnels, automate routine tasks, and conveniently communicate with customers.
Managers receive reports and sales analytics, the ability to forecast sales, standardize the sales process, and increase the efficiency of business processes.

How does PEEKSSOT implement Pipedrive CRM?

First, we conduct a pre-project survey of the sales process, communicating with the marketer, salespeople, and company management.
Based on the information received, we develop a concept for setting up CRM: sales funnels, process automation, data management, roles and access rights, reports, integrations with the website and other systems. We approve it with the customer and make adjustments if necessary.
After the proposed concept is approved, we set up and test the system.
We train the manager and the sales department, and conduct a knowledge test.

How much does it cost to implement Pipedrive CRM in PEEKSSOT?

We offer work packages starting from 300 USD, which will include settings that usually cover basic needs.
The cost of implementation depends on: the number of people in the sales department, the complexity of the processes to be automated and integrations with other services.
Leave a request and after a short interview we will offer the best price.

How long does it take to implement Pipedrive CRM?

An implementation project can last from one to four weeks. Usually, it takes a lot of time to develop the concept at the beginning and to correct and improve it at the end. A significant factor that affects the time is the active participation of the company’s management in the implementation process.

Do you provide technical support for CRM Pipedrive?

We actively support Pipedrive CRM users, troubleshoot issues, and answer questions. Unlike standard Pipedrive support, you have the opportunity to use convenient communication channels: phone, instant messengers, Zoom, Google meet, email.


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